TecnioSpring – SMART-Diabetes: The Self-Management Assistant and Remote Treatment for Diabetes

(2016-2018) Reference: TECSPR15-1-0022. European Commission. 96.951,64 €. P.I. Josep Vehí.

smartDiabetes logoTECNIOspring is a grant program that provides financial support to individual mobility proposals presented by experienced researchers in collaboration with a TECNIO research center.

The program is funded by the European Union through the Marie Curie actions “Co-financing of regional, national and international programs (COFUND)”, therefore, the selected candidates are Marie Curie fellows.

In February 2016 has been awarded a grant for this program to one of the postdocs of MiceLab group UdG, Dr. Ivan Contreras Fernandez-Davila, for the development of an applied research project with focus on transfer technology, under the supervision and tutelage of Dr. Josep Vehí as chief scientist. The grant awarded under this program corresponds to an amount of € 96.951,64.

The project presented by Dr. Contreras is entitled “Self-Management and Remote Assistant for Diabetes Treatment (SMART-Diabetes)”.
It is planned to develop a system that integrates existing psychosocial, psychological and epidemiological models to make it possible to establish accurate predictions of the health of patients, predicting models on the interaction between diabetes and comorbidities, and customized to facilitate behavioral change strategies towards a healthier lifestyle.

smartDiabetes screens

The project involves the integration of new tools for managing diabetes in a pioneering telemedicine platform as it will work on the platform d-Liver, developed in the framework of a European project in the hands of the Fraunhofer-Institute for Biomedical Engineering (IBMT).