About Us

The MICELab group is researching in technologies for diabetes since 2004, getting more than two million euros of funding in several competitive projects. The group has worked on modelling and control in type 1 diabetes, including glucose prediction uncertainty and intra-patient variability, optimization of insulin therapy, identifying patterns of carbohydrate absorption and gastric emptying, calibration algorithms for continuous glucose monitors development of control algorithms for closed type 1 diabetic patients and also for critical patients and fault detection in continuous monitors and insulin pumps loop. In the last five years, the group has published over 25 articles in PubMed journals on developing technologies for diabetes and requested 3 patents.

Over the past few years the group has promoted and conducted several clinical studies in collaboration with leading researchers at the University Hospital Dr. Josep Trueta (U. Diabetes: Dr. José Manuel Fernández-Real and Dr. Wifredo Ricart, UCI: Dr. Sirvent), the University Hospital of Valencia (Dr. Javier Ampudia, Dr. Paolo Rossetti) and the Clinical Hospital of Barcelona (Dr. Ignacio Conget and Dra. Marga Giménez).

The MiceLab Team

Permanent Academic Staff

Josep Vehi

Professor in the Department of Electric, Electronic, and Automation Engineering
Email: josep.vehi@udg.edu

Ningsu Luo

Professor of Systems and Automation Engineering
Email: ningsu.luo@udg.edu


Joaquim Armengol

Lecturer in the Department of Electric, Electronic and Automation Engineering
Email: joaquim.armengol@udg.edu


Remei Calm

Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science, Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Email: remei.calm@udg.edu


Inès Ferrer-Mallorquí

Lecturer in the Department of Electric, Electronic, and Automation Engineering
Email: ines.ferrer@udg.edu



Ivan Contreras

Serra Hunter
Email: ivan.contreras@udg.edu


Aleix Beneyto

MSc Automatic Control and Robotics
Email: aleix.beneyto@udg.edu

PhD Students

Sayyar Ahmad

MSc Electronic Engineering
Email: sayyar.ahmad@udg.edu


Alvis Cabrera

MSc Automatic Control
Email: alvita.cabrera@udg.edu

Ernesto Estremera

MSc Automatic Control
Email: ernesto.estremera@udg.edu

Omer Mujahid

MSc Electrical Engineering
Email: omer.mujahid@udg.edu


Najib ur Rehman

MSc Electrical Engineering
Email: syed.najib@udg.edu


Muhammad Ibrahim

MSc Electrical Engineering
Email: muhammad.ibrahim@udg.edu

Amina Sundas

MSc Electrical Communication Engineering
Email: amina.sundas@udg.edu

Non-Academic Staff

Sara Casadesús

Project manager
Email: sara.casadesus@udg.edu

Nil Basora

Data Scientist
Email: nil.basora@udg.edu

Adrià Montoto

Backend Python Developer
Email: adria.montoto@udg.edu