VITALITY – Monitoring & Managing your Health and Well-being

(2011-2014) Reference: IPT-2011-1194-900000. European Commission (ITEA 2 ip10002). MINECO (programa INNPACTO). 158.827,86 €. P.I. Josep Vehí. Other researchers: Remei Calm. Coordinated project.

Vitality Project aims to promote and encourage self-care, ie, self-management health and healthy lifestyle, taking advantage of the availability of smart devices and applications technology that we have today.

We have implemented an intelligent mediator or bridge (“Broker”) between the sensor data from the environment, and the applications and services that require user information that the sensors can capture, and a series of applications to demonstrate the ability of the group is for the prevention and rehabilitation of some diseases and pathologies urging society.

In relation to the management of diabetes, has developed a platform that serves as proof of concept to show that it can perform continuous monitoring of patients irrespective of its location and familiarity with the use of technology. This platform consists of a mobile application that allows healthcare personnel and the patient monitor and assess the patient’s therapy and behavior.

This project is a multi-parametric monitoring of the patient based on measurements such as blood glucose, physical activity, temperature, weight, lifestyle, diet food, etc., to carry out monitoring and evaluation their glucose control therapy. The system allows patients to register the food you eat and helps you to calculate insulin bolus.

The patient can see if it is meeting the objectives set by the doctor in relation to glucose levels and physical activity, which provides a motivation to take his own control, have more responsibility for their health and turn facilitates decision making.